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Black Necked Swans Swans

The Black-necked Swan is the largest waterfowl native to South America. They spend much of their time on the water as they are poor at walking due to their legs being set far back on their bodies. This makes it difficult for them to get airbourne but they are strong fliers. Like the Mute Swan, they are quiet birds.


- Typical Adult is 115-140cm (45-55in).


Mainly aquatic plants, insects, and fish spawn.


Wetlands, marshes, lagoons, and shallow lakes in southern South America - Chilean Southern Zone, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and on the Falkland Islands. In the austral winter, this species migrates northwards to northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil.


July to August, and August to mid-September further south in the Falkland Islands.


4 to 6 (creamy-white colour).

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£1100 per pair

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