ducks,teals,swans,wigeons, and ornemental waterfowl for sale in Cambridge

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Here at River Cottage in a beautiful landscaped setting next to the River Cam,  Stephen and Helen keep and breed a varied selection of ornamental wildfowl from around the world.

What started as a small wildlife area for frogs and water plants in a wet spot in the field has gradually been enlarged into a substantial pond to accommodate our ever growing collection of waterfowl.

There is an enormous amount of pleasure to be had in the day-to-day care of the birds, watching their behaviour patterns and idiosyncrasies, the seasonal changes to the Pond, and all the plants and other wildlife that live on or visit it.

All our birds are kept in a free-range environment with unrestricted access to the pond and grazing, and are fed ad-lib at all times.

We are passionate that all our birds have a good quality of life, and that they are healthy and happy.