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Whistling Swans Swans

The Whistling Swan and the Bewick's Swan are known as Tundra Swans. They are called Whistling Swans not because of their call but because of a high-pitched sound made by their wings whilst in filght.


Typical Adult is 115-150cm (45-59in).


Mainly aquatic plants, leaves, roots stems, but will also graze on grasses, and grain. They will also eat animal matter such as aquatic insects, larvae, and freshwater molluscs.


Lakes, marshes, estuaries in the Arctic tundra region of coastal Alaska, and northern Canada. Winters down the Pacific coast to mid-California, and down Atlantic coast from Maryland to South Carolina, also in the Great Lakes.


Mid-May in coastal tundra regions.


5 to 6 (creamy white colour).

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£2800 per pair

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