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Orinoco geese Geese

The Orinoco Goose is the only living member of the genus Neochen and is part of the Sheduck subfamily Tadorninae. It is a tropical goose which rarely swims or takes to flight but will perch in trees and nest in tree hollows. They are found in pairs or family groups rather than large flocks and are rarely seen on the coast. There is no obvious migration.


Typical Adult is 61-76cm(24-30in).


Mostly grazing on grasses but will also feed on molluscs, insects and larvae.


Forest lakes, marshes, wet savannah areas, and freshwater wetlands in tropical South America - Columbia, Venezuela, Brazilian Amazon, Peru, Bolivia, and north Argentina.


During the dry season - January in Venezuela.


6 to 10 (pale brown or creamy colour).

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£280 per pair

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