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Lesser Snow Geese Geese

The Snow Goose belongs to the Chen genus (White Geese) and is divided into two sub-species: the Lesser Snow Goose and the larger Greater Snow Goose. The population has increased dramatically since the 1970's, and the breeding population of the Snow Goose exceeds 5 million birds. These Geese often nest in very large colonies.


Typical Adult is 63-79cm (25-31in).


Aquatic plants, roots, seeds, grasses, grain, berries and insects.


Wetlands, marshes, and lakes in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the north-eastern tip of Siberia. Winters further south in the USA, and Mexico.


May to August.


3 to 5 (creamy-white colour).

River Cottage's collection of Geese changes regularly. Please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date with our flock



£185 per pair

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