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Lesser White Front Geese Geese

The Lesser White-fronted Goose belongs to the Anser genus (Grey Geese) and is considered 'Vulnerable' as numbers are declining due to hunting, and habitat loss.


Typical Adult is 53-66cm (21-26in).


Mainly grasses, shoots, sedges, cereals, grain, and wheat.


Wetlands, wet grasslands, fields, lakes, and open tundra in northernmost Asia, and Europe. Winters further south in Europe, Asia Minor, eastern Mediterranean, Caspian Sea, China, South Korea, and Japan.


Begins late May to early June.


4 to 5 (glossy creamy-white colour).

River Cottage's collection of Geese changes regularly. Please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date with our flock



£165 per pair

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