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Ruddy headed Geese Geese

The Ruddy-headed Goose is a large stocky South American Sheldgoose. They remain numerous in the Falkland Islands but the Tierra del Fuego population has decreased to a few hundred birds because of livestock farming and predation from the Gray Fox which was introduced in the 1950s to control rabbits. This species is listed as 'Least Concern' by the IUC


Typical Adult is 45-50cm (18-20in).


Plants, grasses, and sedges. Feeds mainly by grazing on land and rarely swims.


Open grassy plains, and meadows. It breeds in Tierra del Fuego, Chile and the Falkland Islands. The Falklands population is resident and the Chile population winter in southern Argentina (Buenos Aires province).


From September or October.


3 to 8 (pale-brown colour).

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£280 per pair

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