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Marbled Teal/Duck Teals

The Marbled Teal used to be classified as a dabbling duck but is now classed as a diving duck. This duck is regarded as vulnerable after a major reduction in population during the 20th century caused by loss of habitat and hunting.

The Marbled Teal has a creamy-white and sandy-brown coloured plumage with brown markings giving a marbled effect, dark eye-patch which can extend to the nape, slight crested appearance, blackish beak. The legs and feet are greeny-brown or dull yellow. Both sexes are similar.


Typical Adult is 39-42cm (15-17in).


Aquatic plants, seeds, and insects. Feeds by dabbling, up-ending, and occasionally diving.


Wetlands, shallow lakes, and marshes in Spain, north Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, north-west India, and western China. Winters in west Africa (south of the Sahara), Iran, Pakistan, and India.


May (south Europe, and north Africa), or early June and later.


9 to 14 (yellowish-white colour).

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£90 per pair

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