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Smew Duck Ducks

The Smew is a sea duck which has a sawbill and feeds mainly on fish and is closely related to the Mergansers (Mergus) and Goldeneyes (Bucephala). The drake has a distinct black and white colouring in flight which led to the nickname 'White nun'.

The male Smew is mostly white with a black eye patch extending to the beak, a black patch at the base of the crest, a black mantle, a black rump, grey-black markings on the wings, and the legs and feet are greyish.

The female has a brown chestnut head with white cheeks and throat, upperparts are a mottled grey, and breast, belly, and underparts are grey-white. Like the Mergansers, the Smew is a sawbill. The beak has a hooked tip and serrated edges which helps when c


The male in eclipse plumage is very similar to the female but retains more white on the wings.


Typical Adult is about 41cm (16in).


Mainly fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and insect larvae.


Lakes, ponds, and coast in Scandinavia, Russia, and Siberia. Winters on sheltered coasts or inland lakes of the Baltic Sea, northern Germany, the Low Countries, a small number to the UK, the Black Sea, China, Korea, and Japan.


April and May.


6 to 9 (creamy-buff colour).

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