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Cinnamon Teal Teals

The Cinnamon Teal is a small dabbling duck of North and South America. There are five sub-species in America such as the Northern Cinnamon Teal, Tropical Cinnamon Teal, Borrero's Cinnamon Teal, Andean Cinnamon Teal, and Argentine Cinnamon Teal.

The male Cinnamon Teal has a mainly cinnamon-red body and head, dark brown back with light brown fringes, red eyes, blackish beak, upper wing coverts are blue with a metallic green speculum bordered with white in front and buff behind, dark rump, and tail, and legs and feet are yellow-orange.

The female is similar to the female Blue-Winged-Teal but has an overall richer colour, a mottled brown body, pale brown head, white patches around the eye and base of the beak, brown eyes, grey beak, and legs and feet are a dull yellow.


The male in eclipse plumage is similar to the female but has a slight overall reddish plumage and retains the wing pattern. It also differs from the female by having red eyes, and a dark beak.


Typical Adult is about 40cm (16in).


Aquatic plants, seeds, insects, larvae, molluscs, crustaceans, and some grain.


Wetlands, marshes, and ponds in south-west Canada, western USA. Winters in Mexico and Central America. They are also resident in South America - Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and the Falkland Islands.


Late April to mid-June in North America.


8 to 12 (pale cream or buff colour).

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