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Fulvous Whistling Duck Whistling Ducks

The Fulvous Whistling Duck gets its name from its colouring as 'Fulvous' means tawny. This Whistling Duck prefers to roost on the ground rather than perching in trees. Like other Whistling Ducks they have a noisy whistling call.

The Fulvous Whistling Duck has a dark crown which extends to the nape, pale buff face and neck, the wings and mantle are dark brown with black edged feathers,the breast and belly are rich fulvous, the creamy-buff flank feathers form a border between the sides and the back, tail-coverts are creamy white and tail is black, the eyes are brown, and the beak, legs, and feet are blue-grey. Both sexes are alike.


Typical Adult is 48-53cm (19-21in).


Aquatic plant seeds, grains, rice, weeds, insects and small aquatic animals.


Wetlands, flooded grasslands, and pastures in southern USA (south California, Texas, Florida), Mexico, West Indies, South America (from northern Argentina up to Columbia), a broad belt across sub-Saharan Africa as well as south and eastern Africa including Madagascar, and India, Bangladesh into Myanmar (Burma).


April to September in southern USA.


8 to 12 (ivory-white colour).

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£110 per pair

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