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Brazilian Duck Teals

The Brazilian Duck is sometimes considered to be a perching duck as it will perch in trees, however it may now also be considered to be a South American dabbling duck. This duck is fairly widespread throughout South America and is quite common. There are two sub-species: the Lesser Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasiliensis Brasiliensis), and the Greater Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasiliensis Ipecutiri).

The male Brazilian Duck has a light-brown plumage, dark crown, pale grey cheeks, red beak, dark-brown eyes, rufous brown breast, brown-black tail, iridescent green-blue upper wings and dark lower wings, and legs and feet are orange-red.

The female is similar but has a duller plumage, grey beak, a small white patch above the eye, white throat, and duller legs and feet.


Typical Adult is 35-40cm (14-16in).


Aquatic plants, seeds, roots, fruit, and insects.


Wetlands, freshwater lakes, lagoons, pools, and marshes throughout eastern South America from Uruguay, to northern and eastern Argentina, Paraguay, central Venezuela, Brazil, northeastern Peru, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, eastern Bolivia, and eastern Colombia.


November to December in Paraguay, and June to July in northern Argentina.


6 to 12 (pale-cream colour or tinged with yellow).

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