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We have two ponds at River Cottage to fill the needs of the birds; the main pond is for our breeding and resident flock and has deep and shallow areas and islands for the birds security. The second, which we call our nursery pond, is obviously for the young growing birds.

The main pond which has been extended gradually over the last few years has been planted sympathetically with water plants that are growing naturally in the drainage ditches around the field and include, Yellow Iris , Purple Loosestrife, Water Plantain , Bullrush, Water Mint and various Sedges including Pendulas and Glaucous and also Grasses and Rushes which all help to give it a natural appearance.

 Most of the growing trees have been sourced locally with Alder, Oak, Walnut and Elder removed and transplanted from the field where they have been hidden  as seeds by birds and then taken root.

Along with the planting and to keep a natural balance we have stocked the main pond with a variety of fish including Carp, Tench, Dace, Rudd, Roach , Orf and others, that all appear to be doing well.

River Cottage Waterfowl Ponds